Rocking R Outfitters Lodge

At ARJ Mountain Ranch, our accommodations are extremely comfortable. We know how important it is to be able to get a good night’s rest so you can be prepared for your hunt in the morning. We also understand that the times spent in camp with friends are part of what makes the hunting trip truly special.Therefore, you will be excited to learn that all of our hunters stay in our guest lodge on the ranch.The Ranch consists of 3 different lodges. New in 2021 is a 4 bedroom 1500 sq ft hunters lodge. The hunters lodge can handle 8 hunters, 2 hunters per room, each room comes with its own private bath. There is a guide’s lodge. Main lodge is a 4,000 sq ft area where the kitchen is along with lounge area.

We have the bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate 6 to 8 hunters/guests per week.Our professional kitchen consists of a professional chef’s range, two refrigerators, two dishwashers, 2 separate large kitchen sinks, a commercial icemaker, and various freezers.There is ample countertop space and storage.The lodge provides hunters with all of the amenities they would expect during their stay. Meals are provided for hunters during their stay.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at the lodge and snacks are provided for daily hunts.We take pride in our meals and understand that this is a very important part of your stay.

We have a walk-in big game cooler on site.We will dress your animal and hang it in our cooler so the meat is ready for the butcher.We also have the ability to preserve capes by keeping them in our cooler and freezers.You can rest easy after your harvest knowing that your animal is well cared for and your meat has been stored in ideal conditions.
The breathtaking view of the Lone Cone is enjoyed from the front deck of the lodge.The sunset over North Mountain and Miramonte Reservoir is enjoyed from the back deck.The panoramic views from the lodge make for a very relaxing stay.

We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with the accommodations during your hunt at ARJ Mountain Ranch.

Rocking R Outfitters