Mule Deer Hunting with Rocking R Outfitters

Archery Hunts:

Harvesting a buck with archery equipment is a lot of fun. The bucks that we hunt during archery season spend their summers on the ranch as well as the bordering forest service high country. These deer are often still in velvet making your trophy truly memorable. We hunt deer during archery season from tree stands, blinds, as well as spot and stalk. Therefore, we are accustomed to using various tactics to find a good buck to go after with a bow. The weather and scenery are spectacular, making this hunt even more enjoyable.

Muzzleloader Hunts:

Hunting bucks during muzzleloader season is very similar to our archery hunts. Muzzleloader buck hunts can offer a very good chance to harvest an early season buck. The different types of cover on the ranch allow our hunters to get close enough to some really good bucks and take advantage of the extra shooting distance of a muzzleloader. We hunt out of tree stands, blinds, and spot and stalk.

Rifle Hunts:

Our rifle deer hunts offer a chance to harvest a true trophy buck. Our area is home to some really good bucks and hunters during this time can be very successful. We spend the time to locate quality bucks on the ranch and determine the best way to successfully hunt them. We sometimes use our tower blinds and other stands that offer good shooting lanes to target these deer. There are many vantage points within the ranch to locate these trophies. Our guides work very hard to find our hunters the best buck the ranch has to offer during these trophy buck hunts.

Season Dates:

Archery Season:

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Muzzleloader Season:

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Rifle Season:

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