Elk Hunting with Rocking R Outfitters

Archery Hunts:

Hunting elk with a bow in Colorado is an experience that is truly special. Elk behavior during the rut is unlike the rest of the year. Our archery elk hunts on the ranch consist of spot and stalk as well as ambush hunting. Our guides are experienced callers and are accustomed to bringing elk within bow range. The weather during archery season is fantastic and the scenery is spectacular. The ranch rings with bugles during archery season making the overall experience unforgettable.

Muzzleloader Hunts:

Hunting elk during muzzleloader season is exactly the same experience as our archery season with the exception that a muzzleloader will shoot a lot further! Muzzleloader hunts offer a very good chance at calling in and harvesting a trophy elk. Muzzleloader season is a draw.

Rifle Hunts:

Hunting elk during rifle season can be extremely productive.Elk are typically herded up and hunters are accustomed to seeing a lot of animals. Rifle elk hunting on the ranch consists spot and stalk as well as ambush hunting.We have many stands on our properties that can be very productive during Rifle seasons.1st Rifle season is a draw and the elk are often still bugling. 2nd and 3rd Rifle seasons take place after the rut and the elk are often times located in larger herds.

Season Dates:

Archery Season:

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Muzzleloader Season:

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Rifle Season:

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